Who is Fiery Mamas?

I'm not calling myself a hot mama, but I do love spicy food!!  Sambal is a prerequisite in our family for almost every meal.  It's the perfect companion to make sure that we get that balance of flavour and spice.  It has even become habitual for me to add sambal to my meals, sometimes even for breakfast... Perhaps it's because my mum often cooked it, my dad often ordered it, my grandmother often served it, or because it's just almost on every table where food is served when I was growing up.  Some people add salt to their meal, I add sambal!! 

I do have to give credit to my mum for my love and passion for food and all things spicy.  She is the queen of chillies... My mother is one of those people who can eat whole chillies like lollies.  She has also taught me the appreciation of balance between flavours, spices, and aesthetics in cooking.  Most importantly, my mum is the one who has inspired me to start up Fiery Mamas.  Where would we be without our mums?

I have recently became a mum myself, and the arrival of our son has motivated me even more to share this family tradition.  As an Indonesian born mother who grew up in Australia, I wanted to make sure that my son, who was born here in Perth, would know our Indonesian heritage.  Whilst he is too young to be given sambal, I will try my hardest to make sure that it will be all around him just like it was when I was a child. I have been on maternity leave now for a few months and although I terribly miss going to work (and no, that was not sarcasm, I do work with a bunch of really cool people), I am thoroughly enjoying motherhood.  I have been blessed with a very well-routined little boy and a very supportive husband, who have allowed the inception of Fiery Mamas during my leave of absence from work.  

Essentially, I created Fiery Mamas to share our family tradition and to encourage the love of sambal.  So that's me... I hope that Fiery Mamas will spice up your meals and warm your hearts!!